Rowdy - Jay Crownover Gracias a mi querido Internet, no pude marcarlo ayer -.-' "Reseña" Español/inglés

What can I say? Salem and Rowdy had a long way history together. And it wasn't easy. They had to rebuild their trust on each other, let go the ghosts of the past, and learn that being vulnerable is not being weak. That let someone in, opens the door to the possibility that they could eventually let you behind, but that the time together with that person worth the risk.
That the blood family is not the only family you can have. One can choose it own family too.
It was really hard to see what Salem's sister went through, all the abuse all along her life. But she's a survivor, and I really hope that Jay can write a book of her.
And Sayer... she was a huge surprise for me. She's so sweet, so brave and so firm on being part of Rowdy's life. I totally loved her.
Miss Jay Crownover did it again, my friends. She's an amazing writer and I can't wait to read Asa's story.

My fav quotes:

It's okay to be scared, I really think that's how that whatever it is you're meant to be doing matters, but it's not okay to not find that thing you're supposed to be doing because you're afraid of something new.

I don't think it's where you go that matters, I think it's where you end up.

I always thought it was the firsts that matter, but now I know that it's the lasts that stay with you.

You are the last person I want to kiss. The last woman I want in my bed. I want you to be the last girl that touches any and all parts of me, Salem, and that means so much more than a first.