Rusty Nailed

Rusty Nailed - Alice Clayton Okay, okay. Now I'm in the mood for a review.
I really liked this book. Continuing with Caroline and Simon story, but with a whole of new situations. Like, stress, fights, a new house. Yeah, babe, you got it right. A. New. House... Together.
Also, we have this really funny situations with Sophia and Neil. I must say that I couldn't believed it when I read it.
Then we have two weddings. For one side, Jillian and Benjamin's wedding. And it was sooooo beautiful. Of course, this is one of the reasons of Caroline's stress. And by the other hand, we have Mimi and Ryan's wedding planning.
Simon, our gorgeous Wallbanger. He finally acknowledge his past, start to settle down. And I have to say, he won the heaven in this book, his patience was HUGE. He really loves Caroline xD
Both, Caroline and Simon, grew up so much through this book. It was so sweet.

And that epilogue... was perfect! Clive has his own harem! LOL