All Broke Down

All Broke Down - Cora Carmack Bad-dirty-talker-boys are my weakness, I know. Even when Silas was a total jerk in the first book, he caught me. I know why now. Is the Silas Virus.

Silas and Dylan are both so focused and so lost at the same time. They have their past chasing them down, but neither of them wants to face it. Silas is afraid of end up just like all the people of his "past". Dylan is scared that, because where she comes from, she has to behave and be like the other people tells her to be. So, in some point along the way, they stop being themselves. They are so alike and so different, too. But together, they start to find who they really are. That the past doesn't define your future, but it's a part of who you are in the present.

This was definitely an amazing story. My favorite of Cora so far.

Something of this book really stuck at me. Everyone's voice matters. One person can make the difference. You can't change the whole world, but you can change a person's world. Remain quiet is not an option, you have a voice, so use it!