More Than Exes (Chasing The Dream)

More Than Exes (Chasing The Dream) - Elizabeth Briggs Omg, this was so short. I need more of Kyle and Alexis. This is a beautiful, short, second-chance romance

More Than Exes takes place in the Battle of the Bands, before Villain Complex went to The Sound. And is about Kyle and his high school girlfriend. They broke up a week or so before the end of high school. But he never truly understood why.
That left a mark on Kyle, who is sick of being the good boy and that no one takes him seriously. So, he decided to be like his big brother, Jared, a tattoed bad boy. But when they go to play in the Battle of the Bands, he sees the girl who broke his heart a time ago. Alexis. She's taking pictures of the battle for the other college. Then, with his mind made on be a little Jared, he's determinate to don't let her know how bad she hurt him.
Well, things get a little hot, and Alexis told him the real reasons of why she broke up with him.
Now Kyle has to decide... will he jump and give Alexis a second chance and risk having his heart broken again? Or will he stick to his plan and be a total different person of himself?