More Than Comics

More Than Comics - Elizabeth Briggs Reading Challenge 2015: #27 Un libro que puedas terminar en un día.

Leído: 16/04/15

The chemistry between Tara and Hector is always there. They've been online friend for years, even before Hector's band, Villain Complex, had become famous; and they never met in person. That until they had to present their graphic comic, Misfit Squad, at the nerd paradise, yes, people, at the Comic-Con!
At the beginning, things between them is a little awkward, because they like each other, but Tara doesn't want to acknowledge it, and Hector is afraid that he's the only with those feelings and doesn't want to ruin their friendship. But like I said before, the chemistry between them is always there, and is very tangible.
So on those three days at the Comic-Con, we see how their relationship develops, Tara meets Hector's friends, and all the madness that group is.
Elizabeth is an amazing author who catch the readers from the very first page, never making the story tedious.
Hector Fernandez is my favourite character of the series so far!