Me Tarzan -- You Jane

Me Tarzan - You Jane - Camelia Miron Skiba I got hooked with the story in the very beginning. It's fun, sweet and it has enough amount of drama.
I fell in love with the main characters, how they went from been unable to stand in the presence of the other, to friendly teasing each other in every moment, to finally fall in love. And then, they have to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their relationship, to can reach their happily ever after.
And is impossible not to love Ella, Jane's four years old daughter.
Also, I really loved the places where the story developed...: Jane is an makeup artist and a writer, too. Lucas is a model; he often does it for book covers. That's how they met... in a writers conference. Then, most of the story happens in the romantic city of lights, Paris.

This book does not have cliffhanger, no love triangle and no cheating (not really)