How To Master A Millionaire

How To Master A Millionaire - Talia Hunter Reading Challenge 2015: #41 Libro de un autor nunca leído.

I've read a lot of erotica, and let me tell you, this is sooo different. Yes, it's hot, really hot, but also is sweet and real funny. The chemistry between the main characters is tangible since the very beginning. The plot is unique. Ally's a broke blogger, whom makes herself past as a dominatrix to help model-to-be-actor Max Oberon who needs to overcome his need for control to make his character's submissive relationship convincing for a big film.
So what happens when the line between "job" and personal life begins to get blurred? When you realize you stopped to fake and started to real feeling? Well, I'll let you read it and find out.
This is one of my 5-stars-favs of the year!